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1,Bopp thermal lamiantion film glossy and matte

Thickness:15mirco-32mirco       Temperature:90℃-110

Width:250mm-1850mm              Pressure:10-18Mpa

Length:200m-4000mm               Corona:above 38Dyne

Easy handing,Efficient and Energy-saving,High-function,Does not require professional skills

With high adhesion,No change color,High glossy,Waterproof,Moisture,Abrasion resistance,and better than traditional coating effect,Long-term preservation

Environmentally friendly,Non-toxic,Ordorless,Benzene-free,Harmless to human body ,High safety factor,To eradicate the traditional coating of fire hazardz

2,PET thermal lamination film 

Thickness:11mirco-30mirco       Temperature:90℃-110

Width:250mm-1850mm              Pressure:10-18Mpa


Characteristic:high clarity,wearable on surface,durability,good bongding

Application:Top-grade press work,outdoor and advertisement,non-drying adhesive, tags,electrict cable.

3,PET metalized thermal lamination film silver and gold

Thickness:22mirco/24mirco       Width:200mm-1500mm   T

Length:1000m-3000m               Paper core:76mm(3inch)

Tailor-made for customer

 This product is an excellent shading agent,preventing UV irradiance, PET Metalized thermal lamination film not only prolongs the preservation period of the laminated products,but also further improves their luminance.when applied on paper,PET Metalized thermal lamination film gives the paper a metallic gold or silver effect.

4,Bopp holographic thermal lamination film

Thickness:24mirco/26mirco       Width:200mm-1560mm   T

Length:1000m-3000m               Paper core:76mm(3inch)     

With its aesthetic and anti-counterfeiting fetures,offering your products intense visual impacts,applied to extensive packaging materails such as deluxe winebox,cosmetic boxes,medical wrappings,foodstuff packaging,gift wrappings and book covers.